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The GetQuorum Story

Ben and JJ first experienced the struggles of reaching quorum at AGMs as Directors of their own condominium corporation. Faced with the prospect of once again having to canvas for proxies, they knew there must be a better way. Something faster. Something simpler. And most importantly, something less expensive.

With that, the first incarnation of the online proxy voting platform was born. A demonstrated success, the tool allowed them to reach quorum days before the meeting was even held. And that’s without having to canvas. Soon after, other condos began successfully using the platform. In March of 2016, Trevor, Ben, and JJ officially formed GetQuorum and began helping condo corporations modernize their meetings.

GetQuorum are proud members of Ryerson University's Legal Innovation Zone, and MaRS.

Meet the Team

Ben Zelikovitz


Trevor Zeyl


JJ Hiew


Lisa Leung

Communications Director

Frank Lee


Kamilla Kovaleva

Account Manager

Eric Cho

Campaign Manager

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