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We're Making Corporate Governance Easier

We know how stressful it is to govern a corporation properly, we've been there. That's why we believe in full-service, not self-service. We take the difficult and challenging work out of running an Annual Meeting out of the hands of managers.


We understand condominiums, compliance with regulations, and what happens if things are not done right. Governance is all we do. After running thousands of meetings, we have developed software and expertise that ensures our clients are successful.


We know how complicated self-service software can be and how busy our clients are. That is why our services include all the setup, final vote tallies and everything in between. We use our software and expertise to make your meetings stress-free and successful.


GetQuorum is here to be the best Electronic Proxy, Voting and Governance Notice distribution service in the market, period. We seek to modernize the process of running Owners’ Meetings and Governance Notices. We are laser focused on innovating the entire process of running Owners’ Meetings and Governance Notices to make our clients’ lives easier.

The GetQuorum Story

GetQuorum is a story about three friends, two condo directors and a corporate lawyer, who built a solution to a problem they faced every year.

It's the fall of 2015, once again our friends faced the prospect of canvasing for proxies ahead of their Annual General Meeting. It was the last thing they wanted to do after a long day of work, but they knew their meeting was at risk of failure due to the absence of quorum. Failure would just mean the meeting would have to be held again at a later date, and our friends would have to canvas again.

They knew there had to be a better way.

With that, the first incarnation of the online proxy voting platform was born. A demonstrated success, the platform allowed their condo to reach quorum days before the meeting date. Best of all no canvasing was required. Soon after, other condos began using the platform to successfully hold their Annual General Meetings. In March of 2016, Trevor, Ben, and JJ officially formed GetQuorum and began helping condo corporations modernize their condominium governance.

GetQuorum is a proud member of Ryerson University's Legal Innovation Zone and MaRS.

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