Starting January 4th, 2022, customers can now pay an affordable, annual fee for unlimited access to the GetQuorum platform for all their governance meetings throughout the year.

You read that right, as part of our commitment to provide our growing customer base with the best possible service, GetQuorum is excited to announce that customers can now host unlimited meetings through our platform!

Providing more value to our customers

Since pioneering the virtual meeting industry in March 2020, the demand for our industry-leading solutions has skyrocketed, with many of our customers using our electronic voting and virtual meetings solutions for multiple meetings a year. As a result, customers have been asking for a more affordable, better value offering for our electronic voting and virtual meeting solution- now available with the GetQuorum unlimited meeting plan!

Need an AGM in March, a town hall in May, and an unplanned special voting meeting later in the year? No problem, GetQuorum has got you covered - with our new unlimited meeting plan, you will now have unlimited access to our dynamic virtual meeting and voting platform. All for one annual fee, roughly equivalent to what you paid last year for a meeting.

Already booked a meeting for 2022? We have you covered!

With the transition to an unlimited meeting model, we would like to offer all customers that have already booked our services for a 2022 meeting date our unlimited meeting plan for no additional charge. To learn more, contact our sales team today.

Planning to host an AGM sometime later this year?

Sign up today and easily book your AGM at a later date. In the meantime, you get unlimited access to the GetQuorum platform for all your other governance meetings including town halls, special meetings and more!

Ready to unlock unlimited access to GetQuorum?

If you'd like to get unlimited access to the GetQuorum platform for your governance meetings, get in touch with our team!