You asked and we answered.

GetQuorum has launched online delivery of budget packages. Much like our online delivery of AGM packages, we will help your corporation run a campaign to collect owner consent for electronic delivery. Owners who provide their consent will receive their budget packages and personalized cover letter through email. As we've seen with AGM packages, electronic delivery of budget packages will significantly cut down your printing and mailing costs.

It's super easy to initiate our budget package service. Just like with our AGM campaigns, all you need to provide is service information for owners, their monthly fees, and the budget package template that you would like to distribute. We run the pre-consent campaign and will let you know how many owners have opted in. Any owner that has chosen not to consent or would like a physical budget package will receive a printed and mailed copy. Our standard printing and mailing rates are competitive, and complements our electronic delivery system.

We've completed several budget distribution packages and are able to offer this service at a heavy discount to any client that wants to try us out. However, this discount will only be available for a limited time. Contact us today for more details, a quote, or if you'd like to see a demo.