A proud Canadian company, Condominium Management Group (CMG), has been providing property management services to over 450 condominiums and homeowners associations throughout Ottawa and the surrounding national capital region since 1993.

Adapting to Changing Clients Needs

Like many other property management firms, Condominium Management Group (CMG) plays an active role in the operations of the properties they manage, with Annual General Meetings (AGMs) being no exception. That's why when the COVID-19 pandemic and corresponding restrictions on gatherings forced Condominium Corporations across Ontario to transition from in-person to virtual governance meetings; many of their clients turned to the firm for direction on how they should proceed with their AGMs virtually.

Aware of how critical the success of these meetings and their corresponding elections are to their client's operations, the CMG team acted swiftly to develop a hosted virtual meeting solution to ensure they could continue supporting their clients during these unprecedented times.

However, after recognizing the pitfalls of using multiple platforms to execute in-meeting functions, such as streaming the meeting's webcast and collecting votes, and noticing the inefficiencies of manually conducting tasks like tracking attendance and tabulating ballots, the firm knew their current way of executing virtual meetings was wholly insufficient and unsustainable long-term.

And with many of their clients' now fully-embracing virtual governance meetings and having little to no intent on returning to in-person meetings, the firm knew in order to serve their clients' current and future needs effectively; they would need a platform with a dynamic feature set that could automate tedious, time-consuming tasks while providing owners with a centralized platform to participate in their condominiums meeting.

Discovering the Proper Tools

Shortly after determining they needed a more sophisticated solution to host their client's virtual meetings, the CMG team decided to consult with the legal counsel for some of their properties about the future of the virtual AGM landscape. During these conversations, the group was introduced to the GetQuorum Partner Program.

Intrigued by what they heard, the CMG team decided to reach out to GetQuorum and see if joining the GetQuorum Partner Program would benefit them. And after connecting with the GetQuorum team and being walked through the program, the group was intrigued with what they saw.

On the technology side, the GetQuorum Partner Program would provide CMG with everything they needed to conduct their client's AGMs virtually from start to finish. From GetQuorum's voting platform and dashboard to the enhanced integration between the GetQuorum and Zoom platforms, the program would provide the CMG team with the integrated solution they needed to execute client meetings seamlessly. The GetQuorum platform also had serval built-in features that would automate numerous tasks such as tracking meeting attendance and tabulating electronic ballots, alleviating the team from these inefficient, time-consuming tasks manually for every client meeting.

Through the program, CMG would also be provided with full Virtual Meeting Moderator training for their team, ongoing administrative support for pre-meeting tasks and technical support during every client meeting. And while impressed with the technology and level of ongoing support they would receive, what truly impressed the CMG team, was the commitment to customer service and client satisfaction demonstrated by the GetQuorum team.

While the GetQuorum team already had innovative technology and success-proven processes, they understood that the needs of each client are unique. That's why the GetQourum team was willing to work continuously with the CMG team to make enhancements to the platform and processes based on their client's unique needs and ensure CMG could provide a full-hosted virtual meeting solution that truly worked for their clients.

So with a clear understanding of the platform and processes, combined with ongoing support from the GetQuorum team, CMG was ready to begin their onboarding and provide their clients with a full-service hosted virtual meeting solution through the GetQuorum Partner Program.

Joining The GetQuorum Partner Program

So far, joining the GetQuorum Partner Program has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for CMG. GetQuorum's comprehensive training, ongoing support and innovative technology have made the process of simultaneously hosting, moderating and chairing virtual client meetings effortless for the CMG team.

And the ability to hand off time-consuming administrative tasks like distributing notices to the GetQuorum team and the system's ability to automate numerous in-meeting tasks such as tracking attendance or tabulating electronic ballots have significantly reduced the CMG team's internal workload allowing their team to focus on other more important tasks.

Owners also appreciate the user-friendly platform and seamless meeting experience, which has resulted in quorum almost always achieved, even at properties that typically have to recall their AGMs once or twice every year.

"Simplifying the Virtual AGM administrative process has been invaluable to assisting CMG provide another key service to our communities. GetQuorum has set the bar for ease of use for our clients and moderators.”

Looking ahead, CMG anticipates they will host roughly 200 virtual meetings for their clients throughout 2022 and are confident that the tools and resources provided through the GetQuorum Partner Program will ensure a seamless, stress-free experience for all those involved each and every time.

If you're interested in learning more about the GetQuorum Partner Program, connect with our team today.