As part of our commitment to providing our clients with the best possible user experience, GetQuorum is excited to announce the release of two new feature enhancements to our Registration Desk Application for hybrid and in-person meeting check-in.

Through this update, users can now view voting results in real-time and provide attendees direct access to their voting portal, all from the Registration Desk App.

Results Tab at a Glance

The Results Tab allows users to access voting results directly from the Registration Desk app, eliminating the need to log into their Dashboard to view/download results during their hybrid or in-person meeting. Users will have a similar overview to our Dashboard results and will be able to see:

  • Each vote and its status (ie. Ended, In Progress etc.)
  • The time remaining to vote
  • A breakdown of total Proxy, Live and Additional submissions
  • The total submissions and submission type per voting option

Note: Voting results will only be available once the meeting has started and the voting period has concluded.

Voting Results Tab

QR Code at a Glance

A QR code will now be displayed on the administrator's device once an attendee is checked-in and chooses to vote electronically.

Once scanned, the QR code will take the attendee directly to their voting portal on their mobile device, simplifying the voting experience for attendees.

Attendee GQ Code 

To learn more about our new Registration Desk app, contact us today