Over the past two years, the event and governance meeting space has evolved to new heights with its pivot towards virtual and hybrid formats. This further progression has resulted in exciting relationships between industry leaders, such as GetQuorum and Ineventors.

Collaborations between like-minded businesses are always wise as this fusion strengthens aligned values and compliments various skill sets. And with the meshing of innovative companies, attendees, stakeholders and investors will continue to encounter a cohesive and state-of-the-art virtual and hybrid meeting experience.

The Power of Partnerships

Individually, GetQuorum, and Ineventors contribute to the industry by providing their industry-leading services, elevating the virtual and hybrid meeting model and attendee experience. And in considering their aligned vision, this partnership will allow both companies to better serve their clients' unique and evolving needs.

Ineventors is an immersive, full-suite virtual and hybrid events platform created for and in collaboration with event professionals. Whether it's an AGM, holiday gala, educational conference, virtual tradeshow or something in between, Ineventors works hand in glove with planners to create a bespoke solution that manifests their vision and engages their audience.

When Ineventors first combined forces with GetQuorum, it was the beginning of an exciting and ground-breaking partnership. We have since worked together on numerous events, including the MPI Toronto Chapter's 2021 AGM alongside Quest Audio Visual.

Between the state-of-the-art custom features of the Ineventors virtual platform and the capabilities of GetQuorum's all-in-one electronic voting and virtual meeting platform, this alliance provides a full-suite solution to anyone looking to host a secure and seamless virtual/hybrid meeting and voting environment.

A Unified Amalgamation

In establishing seamless integration between these proudly Made in Canada companies, the partnership between GetQuorum and Ineventors is an exciting fusion within this ecosystem.

And as more companies recognize the efficient and imaginative features of virtual and hybrid meeting models, GetQuorum and Ineventors are committed to continuous innovation to better serve their clients' current and future needs and ensure a secure, seamless experience for guests at your next meeting.

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