To finish off 2021, we proudly announced that our customers could now host unlimited meetings through the GetQuorum platform!

The response to the news has been overwhelmingly positive, as our customers are thrilled to hear they can now host all their governance meetings throughout the year using the GetQuorum platform - all for one annual fee!

And while many of you are eager to get unlimited access to our dynamic platform, you might be wondering, how does it work? So with that said, let's walk you through what you can expect with our unlimited meeting plan!

It all starts with your first meeting.

Nice! You've officially signed up and have unlimited access to the GetQuorum platform.

Your 2022 AGM is quickly approaching, and you need to start running the campaign for your upcoming meeting. Once notified, our Customer Success Manager will reach out to you and get you all set up for your upcoming meeting. To start, we will ask you to provide your meeting documents. And once you approve, our team will:

  • Serve notice and send reminder emails about the meeting
  • Collect e-proxies and/or ballots (Note: You can upload paper proxies into our system using our Paper Proxy Tool!)
  • Ensure all owners with emails get their unique meeting portal link to join
  • Host your Dress Rehearsal and Meeting (Optional)
  • Send you the final reports the next day!

If you're a returning customer, you may be thinking to yourself; this sounds like the exact same process as my last meeting. That's because it is!

It looks like it's time for your Town Hall meeting.

It's been one month since your AGM, and you've scheduled a Town Hall meeting. Nice, since you're on our unlimited meeting plan, just reach out to the GetQuorum sales team, and they will get you all set up. The process leading up to the meeting is the same; from sending out your meeting materials and notices to sending out reminder emails and distributing access links to our meeting portal, our team will do all the heavy lifting.

There's one small difference this time - you've decided that you won't need GetQuorum to host the town hall, and you're ready to do it all on your own. As a Virtual Meeting Pro customer, you get unlimited access to our platform and our exclusive resource library, which is filled with videos and articles showing you how to host a Zoom meeting using the GetQuorum platform. We'll even show you how to run a dress rehearsal if you want to run through the details before your owners arrive!

Looks like you need to amend a bylaw, time to hold a special meeting!

It looks like you need to hold a special meeting to amend your Insurance Deductible Bylaw. Like both your prior meetings, you reach out to the GetQuorum team and we’ll get you all set up. And since GetQuorum's user-friendly platform and library of training resources made hosting your last meeting a breeze, you're ready to do it by yourself again! Or maybe you’ll want us to host it for you again, in which case you’ll only need to book a GetQuorum moderator at a nominal fee.

And even though you know you can always reach out to the GetQuorum team if you have any specific questions before your meeting, you want to make sure you're prepared for anything your meeting might throw your way. That's why you decide to attend one of our free monthly webinars, exclusive for GetQuorum customers, where we'll do live interactive training sessions focused on a specific aspect of our software - stay tuned for more details!

All in all, our new unlimited meeting plans provide customers with a very similar experience to last year. Customers will have access to our user-friendly platform and industry-leading support while gaining improved flexibility, better value, and the ability to host their meetings their way.

Get unlimited access to GetQuorum today!

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