We are happy to announce the release of our new Voter Registration system. You may not have the email addresses for all your members, and that's OK. With our new system, your owners, members or shareholders can now register themselves to attend the meeting or complete their vote online.

How it works

Registration Cards

A Registration Card can now be included with every meeting notice package mailed out to a member, owner or shareholder. The card will contain a URL to the Meeting web page along with a registration code that's unique to that person (GetQuorum's printing and mailing service can handle this, no problem!).

Registration Card Sample

Online Registration

To register, all the voter needs to do is simply visit the registration URL and enter their control number along with their name and email. Once registered, they'll then be able to attend the meeting virtually or submit their proxy or ballot online. Easy-peasy, see it in action below.

Control Registration Registration

Our new Voter Registration system doesn't just register voters to attend the meeting, it's also a tool to collect email addresses and consents to electronic communications; helping you save on printing and mailing costs long-term.

Want to find out more about how the Voter Registration system can work for your Meeting? Contact us today.