The amendments to the Condominium Act (the Amended Condo Act) now permit the use of electronic balloting along with electronic proxies as methods for owners to cast their votes ahead of a meeting. GetQuorum's voting platform supports both methods of voting. In fact, our electronic balloting system has been used successfully by our non-condo clients for the past few years.

Under the Amended Condo Act, a condo corporation can now permit “owners to cast a vote by “telephonic and electronic means” (i.e. electronic ballots) if it first passes a bylaw adopting its use. This “electronic voting bylaw" must receive a simple majority of votes in order to pass (assuming quorum for the meeting is first reached). Once the bylaw is passed, electronic balloting can be used for future meetings.

Don’t let the passing of the bylaw get you down. GetQuorum has been used in hundreds of bylaw votes and can help you pass your electronic balloting bylaw with our online proxy system. And once we help you pass your bylaw, GetQuorum’s online balloting system is ready to be used for your future meetings.

Proxies or ballots? Why not both? The Amended Condo Act requires that condo corporations accept proxies as a method of voting, regardless of whether electronic balloting is in use. In a previous post, we discussed the differences between proxies and ballots, and matters that condo corporations need to take into consideration when using both methods of voting.

Want to see a demo of our ballot and voting systems in action? Check our our demos page or contact us for more information.

Splash photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash