On a cold Tuesday morning in mid-February, GetQuorum hosted another successful Breakfast & Learn event on Declaration Amendments at the Ryerson DMZ. We were joined by Audrey Loeb, Partner at Shibley Righton LLP and approximately 100 of our closest friends and clients. Audrey discusses the process, best practices to consider and the various types of declaration amendments she has experienced.

Starting with conducting a poll or survey, Audrey recommends gauging support for the proposed amendment before engaging lawyers and beginning the actual amendment process. She goes on to discuss the importance of an Information Meeting for owners and how Corporations are able to understand the concerns of owners prior to passing a resolution approving an amendment. From there, Audrey covers the roles of a surveyors and lawyers throughout the amendment process. She then outlines the Notice of Meeting process and discusses when the 80% and 90% thresholds apply. Lastly, Audrey discusses her experiences with amendment by court application. Her experiences include amendments to restrict short-term rentals (aka. Air BNB), smoking, changing unit boundaries, creating units from common elements to facilitate the sale of unused superintendent suites and correcting CEC percentages.

Please find a link to Audrey’s discussion on our YouTube channel and stay tuned to our newsletter for our next Breakfast and Learn event! If you have any suggestions on topics we should address please let us know here.

Audrey's slide deck can be downloaded here.

We would like to thank our partners for helping us make this event successful: