Bimini Bay is a Community Association comprised of 393 units ranging from single-family homes to condos located in North Bimini, Bahamas.

The Challenge

Like most HOAs, Bimini Bay is required by its bylaws to conduct an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and corresponding elections. But despite being over 15 years old, the community's AGM had been solely in the hands of the developers until this year, when the community would hold its first-ever homeowner-only election and meeting.

However, with a majority of the owners living outside of the Bimini full-time, many of which have their units in a corporation, General Manager, John Mulrey, knew that the community would need to take the proper steps if they were going to achieve quorum and run a smooth meeting.

And after some consideration, John and the Bimini Bay team decided that holding their meeting in a hybrid format and utilizing an electronic voting platform would be the best course of action if they were going to have maximum participation, achieve quourm and run a successful AGM.

So with a plan in place and goal in mind, the team began preparing for the upcoming meeting.

The Solution

Aware of the sophisticated nature of running a hybrid AGM and how crucial selecting the right service provider for this meeting would be, John reached out to GetQuorum.

Pleased with his previous experience working with GetQuorum at another community association, John knew their full-service solutions would provide not only a suitable platform to run the meeting but also the level of support Bimini Bay needed to execute the meeting from start to finish seamlessly. And after their initial meeting with GetQuorum, the group knew working with GetQuorum would be integral to the success of their upcoming meeting.

On the product side, GetQuorum's full-service solution of hybrid meetings provided them with the technology they needed for their upcoming meeting. They would have access to a secure, user-friendly meeting platform that would allow attendees to join from anywhere virtually, and the voting platform would provide owners with a secure, convenient way to submit their ballots electronically before and during the meeting. At the same time, the Voter Certificate and Consent portion of the solution streamlined the distribution, collection and submission of voting certificates and owner consents. And while pleased with the platform's capabilities and user-friendly interface, what truly stood out was the level of support the GetQuorum team provided.

Throughout their encounters, the GetQuorum team was supportive and responsive, answering all questions the Bimini Bay team had thoroughly along the way. They also worked collaboratively with John and the team to help create processes for consent collection, collecting voting certificates, and executing a resolution during the meeting that met the community's specific requirements.

So with a clear understanding of the platform, processes in place, and the GetQuorum team of experts by their side, the Bimini Bay team was ready to move forward with their first homeowner-only AGM.

The Result

The Annual General Meeting couldn't have gone better. GetQuorum's user-friendly platform and full-service approach made conducting the meeting and the corresponding election easy from start to finish.

The ongoing support, user-friendly platform, and customized processes helped alleviate any lingering trust issues, and the platform's advanced functionality was able to handle the dynamic nature of the meeting, even being able to accommodate owners who wanted to vote during the meeting at the last minute.

Owners appreciated the convenience and accessibility of conducting an AGM and election electronically, with over 75% of owners opting into electronic voting. As a result, Bimini Bay saw significant participation amongst owners and quorum was achieved with ease, allowing the community to proceed with their meeting and election as planned.

"GetQuorum was instrumental in guiding us to a very successful election at our AGM" - John Mulrey, Bimini Bay HOA.

Looking ahead, John and the Bimini Bay team plan to use GetQuorum for future meetings and elections, including to address sub-associations and possible declaration changes in the near future.

If you'd like to learn more about our full-service solutions for in-person, hybrid and virtual meetings, connect with our team today.