The Challenge

In the sun-kissed island of Aruba, the Tierra del Sol Master Association is where people around the globe call their home away from home. While many of the Unit Holders simply see their property in The Homeowners Association (HOA) of Tierra del Sol Resort and Golf Course, which is an Iberostar development on the island, as their vacation home, the association, like most others, conducts an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to report to the general membership on the association's yearly financial statement, financial position, projects, and cover other important agenda items to ensure smooth operations of the community.

However, with most Unit Holders residing outside of the island full-time, the community has regularly struggled with low attendance at their previous AGMs. Aware of the negative impact this has on the association, the Tierra del Sol Master Association team decided to hold their 2023 AGM through a hybrid meeting format to increase participation and provide an overall more suitable meeting environment for Unit Holders.

And while optimistic about transitioning over to a hybrid meeting format, the Tierra del Sol Master Association team was aware of the complex nature of running a hybrid meeting and understandably had some nerves around holding their first-ever hybrid AGM. That’s when the team decided that it would be best to work with a meeting solution provider that would be able to provide them not only with the platform but also the support, they needed to execute their upcoming meeting.

So, with a plan in action and goal in mind, the group began their search for a suitable solution provider to help them with their upcoming meeting.

The Solution

Shortly after beginning their search for a suitable solution, the team quickly realized that not all hybrid meeting solutions were created equal. The team wanted to work with a reputable and experienced solution provider that would provide them not only with a suitable platform but also with the ongoing support they needed to execute their upcoming meeting. That's the team discovered GetQuorum.

Interested in the recommendation, the Tierra del Sol Master Association team decided to contact GetQuorum and learn more about their Hybrid Meeting solution and after conducting the initial platform and procedures walkthrough with GetQuorum, the team instantly recognized the value of working with GetQuorum and the integral role they would have in making their upcoming meeting a success.

On the product side, GetQuorum's full-service solution for hybrid meetings provided a secure, user-friendly meeting platform that would allow attendees to join from anywhere virtually, and the voting platform would provide owners with a secure, convenient way to submit their ballots electronically before and during the meeting. At the same time, they would also have access to innovative tools such as the GetQuorum Registration Desk Application, which would allow the team to seamlessly check in attendees joining in person and distribute ballots while accounting for any proxies submitted ahead of the meeting. And while pleased with the platform, what truly stood out was the level of support the GetQuorum team provided.

Throughout their encounters, the GetQuorum team was supportive and professional; they answered all of the group's questions, walked them through processes and leveraged their experience to share the best practices and tips. GetQuorum's full-service approach also meant that GetQuorum's team of experts would be readily available to provide support throughout the meeting from start to finish.

So, with a clear understanding of the platform, processes in place, and the GetQuorum team of experts by their side, the Tierra del Sol team was ready to move forward with their first-ever hybrid AGM.

The Result

Overall, the meeting couldn't have gone better.

The ongoing support, user-friendly platform, and streamlined procedures provided through the GetQuorum Hybrid Meeting solution made running a hybrid Annual General Meeting seamless from start to finish for organizers and attendees alike.

Unit Holders appreciated the improved convenience, efficiency and accessibility of the hybrid meeting format, resulting in a staggering 80% increase in meeting attendance.

Looking ahead, the Tierra del Sol Master Association team plans to work with GetQuorum for future AGMs and believes it will be a powerful tool in helping the team improve relationships with community members and reporting requirements by the HOA.

If you're interested in learning more about running your next Annual General Meeting with GetQuorum, contact us today.