We're excited to announce the launch of the Candidate Nomination App later this Summer. With just a few clicks, owners will be able to nominate themselves for the board of directors far in advance of the Notice of Meeting deadline. The entire process of nominating candidates will be effortless, and better yet it will make the lives of property managers and condo corporations easier.

You talked and we listened

For many condo corporations, finding candidates to run for the Board of Directors can be a challenge. This is a source of stress for the Corporation leading up to AGMs and Turnover Meetings, particularly when no candidates have come forward prior to the Notice of Meeting deadline (and yes, this happens quite often).  

Furthermore, the Amended Condo Act introduced Mandatory Disclosures for all Board candidates as of November 2017. While the required disclosures are prudent, this represents an additional step in the candidacy process which can act as a barrier for owners to nominate themselves. In light of this, we endeavored to make the candidacy process more accessible to owners.  

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4...

Starting in July, we will begin a beta program for the Candidate Nomination App. The goal of the Candidate Nomination App is to (a) encourage more owners to run for the board; and (b) streamline the candidacy process prior to the distribution of the official Notice of Meeting package.  

How will it work? Glad you asked.

1) Owners will receive their Preliminary Notice of Meeting via email in advance of the AGM and will be invited to submit their nomination for the Board accordingly. A simple click on a link in the email will initiate the nomination process. Note: GetQuorum already distributes the Preliminary Notice electronically as part of our services.

2) Owners will be taken to the Candidate Nomination App and asked to verify their identity before completing their nomination. The app works on any device with a web browser, see below for an example of how it will look on a mobile device:

Candidate Nomination App Screenshots

3) Owners will then be asked to answer the Mandatory Disclosure questions (see here for what those disclosures are), upload a resume and provide other pertinent details.

The Candidate Nomination App in Action

4) Once completed, the Owner and Property Manager will receive an email confirming the completed submission and copies of the documentation provided by the Nominee. GetQuorum will store this information so that Property Managers can easily find the candidate's documentation later on, like when they need to put together the Notice of Meeting package.

We think our Candidate Nomination App will make it easier for owners to get involved in their condo's governance. In turn, we hope this will lead to more representative elections and increased owner engagement within condo communities. Additionally, through our platform Property Managers will be able to keep track of nominated candidates and everything else they need to oversee leading up to their owner's meetings.  

If you are hosting an AGM, SGM, or Turnover in July and would like to be part of testing this new feature, please send us an email!  

Once testing is complete (later this Summer), we hope to include the feature in all future GetQuorum campaigns.