As we enter another week of social and physical distancing measures, the world continues to adapt to life during the pandemic of COVID-19. We are glad most condos have heeded recommendations to postpone their Annual General Meetings (AGM) and prioritize their community's safety. However, we're finding that condos are starting to realize that they have critical business that need to be resolved soon.

It's no surprise then that clients have been asking us how they can offer a virtual component to their Annual General Meetings (AGMs). Offering virtual attendance options via a live stream of the AGM will help further reduce the footprint of a meeting while providing owners the benefit of attending from the comfort of their own homes. But it does introduce more complexity for property managers who might now need to learn how to properly administer a virtual component. Managing all of this should be easier for our clients, not harder.

Introducing GetQuorum's New Hosted Virtual Annual General Meeting Service

GetQuorum is pleased to announce the launch of our new Hosted Virtual Annual General Meeting Service. At your option, GetQuorum can provide live online meeting webcasting, web meeting moderation, minute taking and real-time voting as part of our suite of services. This add-on service requires no setup on the part of clients, the same full-service and premium support you've all come to know and love from GetQuorum will be there.

Live Online Annual General Meeting

Board members, management, invited guests and owners will be able to join a live webcast of the meeting from wherever they wish. Participants only need an internet connection.

Web Meeting Moderation

GetQuorum will provide a moderator for the duration of the meeting to take care of participant registration, to ensure that only one speaker is able to present at a time, and to facilitate questions from online participants.

Real-time Electronic Voting

Owners will be able to vote in real-time during the meeting using the same secure GetQuorum platform our clients and their owners are familiar with.

Minute Taking

Minutes of the meeting provided through our partners at Minutes Solutions. Or optionally, use your own minute takers.

Combine all of the above with our Notice Distribution and Advance Voting services and you have a fully packaged and hosted AGM without hassles. Just show up and let GetQuorum take care of it all for you. You can take a look at this page or contact us for more details. Let us know when you’re ready to consider adding virtual AGM services to your next meeting.

For our clients, their focus is on protecting the health of their communities now and for the foreseeable future. For GetQuorum, our focus is on innovation during these challenging times and to meet the needs of our clients when AGMs become a priority again.