Fully Hosted Virtual Annual General Meeting Package

The GetQuorum Fully Hosted Virtual AGM Package combines our suite of professional services with our virtual meeting platform to provide you with a full-service governance meeting solution.

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What's Included

Virtual Meeting Platform

Unlimited access to our platform to host virtual meetings and governance related voting matters throughout the year.

Live Moderation

Full administration, support and moderation provided by a GetQuorum host throughout your virtual meeting.

Electronic Voting

Allow your members to vote prior to and during meetings with our secure online platform. All that's required is an internet connection.

Notice Distribution

We handle the distribution of required meeting materials prior to the meeting to ensure you meet your legal requirements.

The GetQuorum Fully Hosted Virtual AGM Package is an offering of professional services by our team of experts.

Just sit back and relax while we take care of all the setup, serving of notice, collecting of votes, and hosting of the meeting itself.

Take a look at some of our case studies below to see how customers have been successful with GetQuorum's Fully Hosted Virtual Meeting Package.

Greenbelt Homes Hybrid Annual Meeting

Shortly after determining they would conduct their 2021 Annual Meeting in a hybrid in-person and virtual format, Greenbelt Homes partnered with GetQuorum to facilitate the virtual portion of their Annual Meeting.

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KDM Management Inc. Virtual Annual General Meetings

Learn how two properties managed by KDM Management Inc. were able to achieve quorum and conduct successful virtual AGMs with the help of GetQuorum.

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Pride Toronto Virtual AGM

Like many other organizations, when it came time to host their Annual General Meeting (AGM), Pride Toronto would traditionally host an in-person, panel-style event. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Pride Toronto partnered with GetQuorum to host their Annual General Meeting to comply with public health guidelines.

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