2021 has been an exciting year for the GetQuorum team, filled with new opportunities, exciting innovations, and exponential growth seemingly at every turn.

To keep up with this growing demand, continue our innovation, and ensure we continue to provide our clients with the best possible service, our team has needed to grow a lot over the past few months ... and we mean A LOT.

What started as a small group of 9 heading into 2020 has since grown to a team of over 40 and counting. And while ecstatic that we've needed to grow our team by over 300% in less than 18 months, this rate of growth during a global pandemic has its unique set of challenges, especially when looking at company culture.

What is Company Culture?

Company culture can be summarized as a shared set of values, beliefs, goals, and practices amongst an organization's staff that makes up an organization's personality. Usually developed organically over time through the collective traits and shared experiences of an organization's team, company culture directly impacts key areas, including employee morale, external business interactions, employee turnover, and overall success.

Establishing Our Culture Amongst a Growing, Remote Team

At GetQuorum, we pride ourselves on having an inclusive company culture that encourages collaboration, communication and community amongst our team. We strive to create a positive work environment that our team wants to be a part of and believe that in doing so, we are creating an environment that fosters the level of creativity, passion and innovation needed to provide our clients with the best possible service. And while we make the conscious effort to instill our culture amongst our team through various initiatives, doing so during an era of remote work and social distancing has undoubtedly added a layer of complexity.

Aware that some of our clients may be facing similar challenges, we'd like to take some time to share some of the ways we're establishing our company culture amongst our growing team during these unprecedented times.

Staying Connected While Working Remotely

Since the onset of the pandemic and social distancing measures came into effect, the GetQuorum team has been working fully remote. And while our team has fully embraced remote work and its many perks, staying connected can have its challenges at times.

To combat this, our team has collectively made an effort to stay connected and communicate regularly about both project-specific and water cooler talk topics throughout the day. Whether it's a team brainstorm session via Zoom, weekly team checkout, or a group slack channel dedicated to pets, the GetQuorum team leverages technology to share their experiences, send shout outs and communicate regularly both as a team and one-on-one; to ensure operations run smoothly, ideas are shared regularly, and our team feels connected throughout the day.

Taking the "Social" out of Social-Distancing

Social activities aren't only a great way to show appreciation for your team and all their hard work. They also allow team members to connect on a personal level, build stronger relationships, and create a sense of community throughout your organization.

While social distancing and other pandemic-related restrictions have made it challenging to hold traditional social and team-building activities, the need for your team to connect through these means has become more important than ever.

Aware of how impactful this is to our team's productivity and morale, at GetQuorum, we have come up with creative ways to connect our team through fun and engaging social activities while still abiding by restrictions on social gatherings and other public health measures, including:

  • Weekly Team Games
  • Monthly Team Building Activities
  • Weekly Fitness & Meditation Sessions
  • After-Hours Virtual Social Events and More

Making an Impact in our Communities

At GetQuorum, we pride ourselves on having a diverse and inclusive culture that encourages our team to accept, respect, and embrace each other's differences. We believe having a culture where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic selves allows our team to grow as individuals, gain new perspectives and is integral to our overall success.

This is why our team takes proactive steps in encouraging the same to be reflected throughout our community. Our team regularly comes together to show support for social issues and marginalized communities through various charitable and educational initiatives to make our communities a better place for all. Here are a few of the communities and social causes and our team has supported over the past 18 months:

  • The LGBTQ2S+ Community
  • Indigenous People and those impacted by Residential Schools
  • The Asian Community and "Stop Asian Hate"
  • Black Lives Matter and More

Keeping our Team in Mid-Season Shape

Ensuring employees are in good physical and mental health is key to creating a strong team (literally and figuratively) that can bring your organization to new heights.

From in-office gyms to wellness rooms, organizations have been trying to find ways to provide their team with the resources they need to stay in good physical and mental health, so their teams stay productive and prevent burnout; in both their work and personal lives.

While the pandemic has made getting access to these resources slightly more challenging, having these resources readily available has become more important than ever before. This is why at GetQuorum, we encourage our team to take regular breaks, enjoy their vacation time and participate in our virtual fitness boot camps, virtual yoga sessions (special shoutout to Georgina D'Abreo - Fitness Sessions and Marnee Santiago-Rosal - Yoga Sessions), and other activities; to ensure their physical and mental well-being are being taken care of during these unprecedented times.

Building a Stronger Company Culture Every Day

Overall, establishing a positive company culture is integral to the success of any organization. And while pleased with the inclusive company culture we've established amongst our growing team during an era of remote work, we will continue to embrace creative and innovative ways to further establish and strengthen our company culture every day. We also encourage those of you reading to do the same and foster your company culture throughout your team.