The Challenges

Like many condominium management firms, Larlyn Property Management plays an active role in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the properties they manage, including The Fairway South Condominium in Edmonton.

Traditionally conducted through a live, in-person event, the Fairway South Condominium had struggled to consistently achieve quorum at their AGMs due to inaccessibility and inconvenience of holding there AGM in-person, especially for owners residing offsite. Not only was this frustrating for all those involved but would also hinder their ability to conduct elections and other activities that are integral to their operations.

Aware of these pain points and understanding the importance of holding an AGM for the community's operations, Senior Property Manager, Audrey Davis, knew that the community would need to make some adjustments if they were going to achieve quorum at their upcoming meeting. And after some internal discussions and the Fairway South Condominium team determined that holding their upcoming AGMs virtually would be the best course of action.

The Solution

Shortly after deciding to hold their upcoming AGM virtually, Audrey decided to reach out to GetQuorum as recommended by Larlyn Property Management's Vice President. And after completing the introductory call and walking through the full-service virtual solution, Audrey was impressed with what she saw and quickly began working with the GetQuorum team for the upcoming meeting.

In terms of products, the GetQuorum virtual meeting platform was a perfect fit. The platform offered them a secure, user-friendly platform where attendees could conveniently attend and participate in the meeting from anywhere. And while pleased with the platform's capabilities, what truly stood out was GetQuorum's full-service approach and simplicity of working with their team.

From the beginning, the GetQuorum team was professional and responsive. They clearly described the process and happily answered any questions the group had to ensure they felt comfortable and confident heading into their meeting. The full-service approach also meant in addition to moderating the meeting, manual, time-consuming tasks such as distributing notices and handling proxy submissions would be primarily handled by the GetQuorum, limiting the need for Audrey or the Fairway South Condominium to intervene throught the process.

So with a suitable platform and the GetQuorum team by their side, Audrey and the group were ready for their upcoming meeting.

The Result

The meeting was a great success and went off without a hitch. GetQuorum's full-service approach and user-friendly platforms made conducting a virtual AGM simple for all parties involved from start to finish.

Owners appreciated the improved convenience, efficiency, and accessibility of conducting a virtual AGM resulting in a significant increase in participation and quorum being achieved with ease.

“GetQuroum is a great platform to host meetings. Streamlined processes,  user-friendly platform, and a friendly, personable hostess who helped to keep the meeting on track and running smoothly.” - Audrey Davis, Senior Property Manager, Larlyn Property Management

If you want to learn more about our full-service virtual meeting solution for your next governance meeting, click here.