The Challenge

As required by law, the Towers on the Park Condominium conducts an Annual Meeting to update owners on projects, hold by-law-required elections and perform other activities that are essential to the condominium's operations.

Having struggled to achieve quorum when conducting these meetings in person and seeing the benefits of adopting a virtual meeting format for their Annual Meeting over the past few years, the Towers on the Park Condominium team decided to hold their Annual Meeting virtually once again for 2022. However, frustrated with inefficient meetings, long turnaround times and finding the process of running their Annual Meeting stressful overall, the team concluded that they would need to adopt a full-service solution that could accommodate the dynamic nature of their meeting this time around.

Aware of the pain points and eager to streamline their Annual Meeting experience, Towers on the Park Condominium, Board President Greta Pryor began her search for a suitable, full-service virtual meeting solution for their upcoming meeting.

The Solution

Quickly into her search for a suitable solution, Greta came across GetQuorum.

Impressed by what she saw, Greta was eager to learn more about their full-service virtual meeting solution and decided to reach out to the GetQuorum team to learn more. And after attending an introductory call and being walked through the GetQuorum platform, she was impressed by what she saw.

On the product side, GetQuorum's virtual meeting platform was precisely what they were looking for; a secure and user-friendly platform that provided attendees with a seamless, secure meeting and voting experience while providing organizers with a comprehensive dashboard and real-time analytics. And while impressed with the platform's capabilities and ease of use, what truly stood out to Greta and the Towers on the Park Condominium team was GetQuorum's full-service approach and the expertise their team had demonstrated throughout their encounters.

From their initial encounter, the GetQuorum team attentively listened to the Towers on the Park Condominium team to clearly understand their unique requirements and goals to ensure their upcoming meeting would be executed seamlessly. Their full-service approach meant from distributing meeting notices to moderating the meeting and acting as scrutinizer for electronic ballots; the GetQuorum team would be there every step of the way to provide ongoing support and relieve the team of time-consuming tasks to ensure the Annual Meeting ran smoothly throughout the entire process.

So with a clear understanding of the platform and the GetQuorum team by their side, the Towers on the Park Condominium team felt confident heading into their upcoming Annual General Meeting.

The Result

Overall the meeting was a success.

The dynamic, user-friendly platform, paired with the ongoing administrative and technical support provided by the GetQuorum team, made for a stress-free meeting from start to finish.

The collection of the electronic consent and distribution of meeting notices was smooth and efficient, resulting in nearly 50% of owners consenting to electronic voting for their upcoming and future meetings.

And owners, especially those in remote locations, appreciated the platform's ease of use and the overall flexibility of conducting the Annual Meeting virtually, leading to an approximate 34% increase in overall meeting participation compared to previous years.

Looking ahead, the Towers on the Park Condominium team plans to use GetQuorum's services in their future Annual General Meetings.

"We are constantly looking for ways to improve processes, reduce costs and manpower, and bring our condominium into the 21st century. Working with GetQuorum provided us with a solution to these goals with the added- benefit of real-time data." - Greta Pryor, Board President, Towers on the Park Condominium

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