Cut Your Printing Costs Significantly

Take the hassle out of condo governance.
Reduce paper and mail usage.
Increase operational efficiency.

When given the opportunity, 60% of owners will immediately agree to opt out of paper notices. Use GetQuorum to send your Budgets, Rule Changes, Information Certificates and other Governance communications.

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What's Included

Consent to Electronic Notice Delivery

Reduce your printing and postage costs by over 60%. We'll collect electronic delivery agreements from owners.

Mail Merged Letters

Don't waste your time mail merging cover letters, let us handle the hard part for you.

Budget and Governance Notice Distribution

GetQuorum handles the distribution of personalized Budget and Governance Notices electronically (and by mailed hardcopy too).

GetQuorum is a full-service solution at a simple, transparent pricing. Simply provide us with the notice materials and owner service registry and we will take care of everything else.

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Email Consent Gathering
Avoid the added expense of printing and mailing notices, our 2-click e-consent process reduces printing costs by an average of 60% and is included as part of all of our services.
Data Merging
Let us handle the hardest part, we merge your data for you.
Printing and Mailing
Not all Owners will e-consent, we can handle printing and mailing hardcopies of notices to non-consenting owners, our only optional and additional cost.
Tracking Analytics
Determine which owners and shareholders are in attendance, how many votes have been received and more in real-time, with options to securely export and download the results.
Poll your owners to gauge support for proposed changes to your community.
Rule Distributions
Communicate changes in the governance of your community and reduce printing costs on the process.
Affidavit of Service
Confirmation of notice distribution for owners served electronically and via traditional mail.

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