Common Ground Condo Law is a client-centred law firm serving condominium corporations across Ontario. Launched as a virtual operation in 2020, the firm focuses on helping boards and managers operate their condominiums by providing practical advice on-demand, flat-fee governance documents, condo lien enforcement and unit owner meeting services.

Aiding Clients During Unprecedented Times

As a trusted go-to law firm serving condo corporations across Ontario, Common Ground Condo Law plays an active role in their client's Annual General Meetings (AGMs). In addition to chairing meetings and providing legal advice on related matters, the firm's clients also seek advice on how they can utilize technology to overcome challenges and conduct meetings more efficiently and provide a better experience for unit owners.

That's why when the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on gatherings forced condo corporations to transition to virtual AGMs; they turned to the firm for advice on how they should proceed with their virtual AGM.

Unable to provide a full-featured virtual meeting solution themselves, the firm often referred clients to trusted, experienced vendors such as GetQuorum for their electronic voting and hosted virtual meeting solution needs for their upcoming virtual AGM. However, after experiencing issues when chairing client meetings involving non-recommended service providers or home-made solutions, and noticing that more and more clients began to fully embrace virtual AGMs, the firm knew that to serve their clients' current and future needs effectively, they needed to provide a full-service, hosted virtual meeting solution of their own.

Adapting the Changing Needs of Their Clients

Having attempted to provide a full-service, hosted virtual meeting solution in the past, Chris Jaglowitz, principal of Common Ground Condo Law, knew that he needed more than just access to web-conferencing software to host client meetings. In addition to a platform that could handle critical components such as proxy collection, in-meeting voting, and post-meeting reporting, his team also needed the personnel to handle the ongoing administrative and technical support needs associated with a full-service, hosted virtual meeting solution.

So Chris' interest was piqued when the GetQuorum team proposed the concept of the GetQuorum Partner Program. The GetQuorum team explained that through the program, Common Ground Condo Law would be provided with the technology and personnel resources they would need to provide their clients with a full-service, hosted virtual meeting solution. Eager to learn more, Chris and the GetQuorum team sat down to see if the program would be a good fit for Common Ground Condo Law.

Shortly after their initial discussion, the GetQuorum team walked Chris through the Partner Program. During the walkthrough, Chris was impressed by what he saw and immediately recognized the true value of joining the Partner Program.

In terms of technology, the program would provide Common Ground Condo Law with more than just Zoom Webinar licenses to conduct virtual meetings. As a member of the program, the firm would have administrative access to the secure, user-friendly tools they needed to facilitate their clients' virtual or hybrid meetings from start to finish, including GetQuorum's voting platform and dashboard. The team would also leverage the integration between the GetQuorum and Zoom platforms to ensure a seamless meeting experience and automate processes such as meeting registration and attendance. And while access to the proper technology was integral to providing a seamless, full-service, hosted virtual meeting solution to their clients, what truly stood out to Chris was the level of administrative and technical support they would receive as members of the program.

Through the GetQuorum Partner Program, partners receive not only technical support but also full-service administrative support.

This meant that after providing some initial information, the Common Ground Condo Law team could hand off time-consuming, labour-intensive tasks such as collecting proxy votes and completing post-meeting reporting functionalities to the GetQuorum team. Thus, significantly simplifying the process of providing a full-service, hosted virtual meeting solution to their clients.

With a clear understanding of the platform and processes, combined with ongoing administrative and technical support from the GetQuorum team, Common Ground Condo Law began their onboarding and started providing their clients with a full-service hosted virtual meeting solution.

Joining The GetQuorum Partner Program

Thus far, joining the GetQuorum Partner Program has been a positive experience for Common Ground Condo Law and its clients.

GetQuorum's onboarding process was straightforward, and the multi-phase approach to Virtual Meeting Moderator training ensures that the Common Ground Condo team is prepared to seamlessly facilitate and moderate client meetings regardless of clients' prior experience.

The user-friendly platform and ongoing support make facilitating meetings straightforward and ensure that clients are provided with the consistent, seamless service they need to conduct a successful virtual meeting.

Looking ahead, Common Ground Condo Law anticipates that the demand for their full-service hosted virtual meeting solution will continue to grow. The firm also believes that the GetQuorum Partner Program provides tools and resources they need to implement additional service offers to better serve their client's current and future needs.

"The GetQuorum Partner Program has been a universally positive experience and has enabled us to better serve our clients," says Chris Jaglowitz. "Their user-friendly platform, proven processes, and ongoing support from their responsive team of experts have made providing our clients with a full-service hosted virtual meeting solution seamless."

If you're interested in learning more about the GetQuorum Partner Program, connect with our team today.