The Challenge

Like many other resort communities throughout British Columbia, the Parker Cove Owners Association (PCOA) is required by their bylaws to conduct an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to hold elections, review financials, and perform other various activities that are essential to the association's operations.

While traditionally conducted through a live, in-person event, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the association would need to adjust their 2022 Annual General Meeting format in order to comply with restrictions on social gatherings and other related public health measures. And after reviewing their options, the Parker Cove Owners Association Board of Directors determined that conducting their upcoming meeting virtually would be the best course of action.

So with a plan in place and a meeting date quickly approaching, the Parker Cove Owners Association team began their search for a suitable virtual meeting solution to host their first-ever virtual AGM.

The Solution

Shortly after beginning their search for a suitable solution, the Parker Cove Owners Association team came across GetQuorum.

Impressed with what they saw, Dave Moran, Treasurer of PCOA, and the rest of the team decided to reach out to learn more about their virtual meeting solution. And after their initial walkthrough of the platform and processes, Dave and the team determined that the GetQuorum virtual meeting solution would be perfect for their upcoming meeting.

The GetQuorum platform was exactly what they needed; a secure, all-in-one platform with a user-friendly interface that would allow owners to attend, vote, and participate in the meeting from anywhere. In addition, GetQuorum would also handle numerous preliminary meeting procedures, including the distribution of meetings notices and collection of electronic proxies, relieving the Parker Cove Owners Association team of time-consuming, labour-intensive tasks typically associated with their AGM.

And while pleased with the platform and level of administrative support they would receive throughout the process, what truly stood out for the Parker Cove Owners Association team was the client-first mentality and level of professionalism the GetQuorum team demonstrated throughout their encounters.

From their initial encounter, the GetQuorum team was responsive and attentive, taking the time to understand the association's unique challenges and working diligently to ensure they would accommodate any of their unique meeting requirements.

The GetQuorum team also understood that while they were experts at virtual meetings, that was not the case for the Parker Cove Owners Associations team and their members. That's why they were more than happy to take the time and walk the Parker Cove Owners Associations' team through the entire virtual meeting process from start to finish and answer any questions they had along the way to ensure they felt comfortable heading into their meeting.

With a clear understanding of the platform and processes, paired with the GetQuorum team readily available to assist them when needed, the Parker Cove Owners Association team were ready to hold their first-ever virtual Annual General Meeting.

The Result

Overall, the Annual General Meeting couldn't have gone better. GetQuorum's full-service approach and user-friendly, all-one-platform made the process of running a virtual Annual General Meeting simple for the Parker Cove Owners Association's board and its members.

Pre-meeting communications were distributed seamlessly, the GetQuorum Meeting Moderator made sure the meeting ran smoothly, and all other post-meeting items, such as distributing the meeting minutes video, voting results, and attendance sheets to the Board Secretary, were executed efficiently. All while complying with social distancing requirements and other public health guidelines.

In addition to executing the meeting agenda and taking care of all other meeting requirements, the Parker Cove Owners Association team also saw the additional benefits of conducting a virtual Annual General Meeting, including increased participation, something which had previously been a challenge for the association with their spread-out membership group.

"Thank you GetQuorum for all your help in getting our AGM and SGM meetings off the ground and in the can. Your moderators, Patricia Walker and Rebecca Trotter, both did excellent jobs getting us up to speed for the meetings and providing excellent service during the meetings to keep us on track and to make sure that our members were fully aware of what was going on. Fantastic Moderators/Hosts. Again, a great job." - Ron Mare, Secretary, PCOA

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