Portable Electric Ltd. produces the VOLTstack, an industrial-grade battery power station that allows people to enjoy safe, clean and noise-free portable power. Incorporated in 2015, Portable Electric Ltd. actively proves the benefits of clean energy, providing a lower cost, reliable alternative to diesel generators to previously fossil fuel-dominated industries.

The Challenge

Like most scale-ups, Portable Electric Ltd conducts an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to update their shareholders on key matters, such as the corporation's financial health and perform other various activities that are crucial to overall operations.

After independently conducting their 2020 AGM virtually via Zoom with some success and the COVID-19 pandemic still surging, the Portable Electric Ltd. team decided to once again conduct their AGM virtually for 2021. However, with the continued communication challenges and various disparate webinar formats, in addition to the 50 shareholders now eligible to vote at the meeting, the group knew they needed to resolve the issues around meeting efficiency, auditability, and voting they experienced during their 2020 shareholder’s meeting this time around.

After coming together to review their previous meeting and related procedures, the group quickly recognized that the issues experienced during their prior AGM had largely stemmed from the use of standalone webinar software to conduct their meeting.

While initially believed to be a suitable platform, the dynamic nature of their meeting, the lack of technical and administrative support, and the limited feature set around key areas such as attendance tracking and voting; made standalone webinar software wholly insufficient for their upcoming meeting.

The group quickly recognized that they required a more sophisticated solution; one that would provide them with the feature set and support they needed if they were to overcome the pain points and shortcomings of their 2020 AGM at their upcoming meeting.

With a clear understanding of what they required, the group began searching for a virtual meeting and electronic voting solution for their upcoming meeting.

The Solution

Shortly after beginning their search, Mark Rabin, Portable Electric Ltd. CEO, was introduced to GetQuorum by their trusted legal opinion at Norton Rose Fulbright.

Intrigued by what he heard, Mark was eager to learn more about their full-service, Hosted Virtual Meeting solution and decided to reach out to the GetQuorum team to learn more about the solution and see if it was suitable for their upcoming AGM.

After connecting with GetQuorum Co-Founder Ben Zelikovitz and being walked through the GetQuorum platform and solution-related processes, Mark and the rest of the group were pleased with what they saw.

The platform was exactly what they needed; a secure, dynamic platform with a user-friendly interface that could provide attendees with a seamless experience while accommodating their unique voting requirements.

And while impressed with the platform and its feature set, what truly stood out for the Portable Electric Ltd. team was GetQuorum's full-service approach and the professionalism demonstrated by their team throughout their encounters.

The GetQuorum team was knowledgeable and experienced; they understood the unique challenges and considerations Portable Electric Ltd. needed to account for ahead of the meeting and were able to answer any questions the group had along the way.

Their full-service approach also meant that in addition to ongoing technical support throughout the meeting, the GetQuorum team would also provide ongoing administrative support. From distributing meeting notices to tabulating and scrutinizing electronic proxies and live votes, the GetQuorum team would relieve the Portable Electric Ltd. team of crucial, time-consuming tasks throughout the Annual General Meeting process, ensuring that the meeting would run smoothly every step of the way.

The Result

The Annual General Meeting was executed according to plan seamlessly from start to finish and left participants raving about the smooth technical operations and positive attendee experience.

The processes were simple, the user-friendly platform was dynamic, and the level of support provided through GetQuorum's full-service approach made for a stress-free and efficient meeting experience for all those involved.

The user-friendly platform's simplicity and capabilities helped streamline vital processes such as meeting attendance and live, in-meeting voting; while creating a clear, auditable trail for the critical data collected throughout the meeting.

"We were really impressed with the attention to detail, prompt service and confident way in which the GQ team helped facilitate our AGM from pre-meeting prep to end of meeting wrap up." Said Mark Rabin, CEO, Portable Electric Ltd. "Overall, the entire process and production when as smooth as possible, great job GQ Team!"

Looking ahead, the Portable Electric Ltd. team plans to use GetQuorum for future meetings regardless if conducted through an entirely virtual or hybrid format.

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