The Morgan is a 224 unit condo situated in the heart of Downtown Toronto. With a diverse mix of on-site and off-site owners plus retail units, they’ve usually met quorum at their meetings, but not without significant effort. In the days leading up to their AGMs, the Board and the management team would canvas in the lobby, interrupting residents’ busy schedules to collect paper proxies.

The Morgan

The Morgan

Keeping a balance

Canvassing after hours and on weekends takes up a lot of time and requires a significant amount of effort. Condo governance teams are comprised of busy individuals who are balancing their careers, families, hobbies, passions and pursuits in addition to managing their condo community. For this year’s AGM, the Morgan’s governance team decided to utilize the GetQuorum platform to simplify the paper proxy collecting process by taking it online.

To reach quorum, 56 owners needed to be present at the meeting in-person or by proxy.

Smashing Quorum Numbers and Taking Names...

A total of 105 owners were represented at the meeting of which 77 were by proxy. That’s almost 50% of the total owners in the building! Talk about an amazing turn-out...

Online proxies received through the course of the campaign

Online proxies received through the course of the campaign

Through the use of the GetQuorum platform, we were able to surpass quorum by almost two-fold. We’re getting into thresholds for passing a by-law here (aside: read about how we helped pass a bylaw. No door-to-door canvassing or waiting in the lobby to catch your neighbour’s attention required.

The results speak for themselves

Now property managers and condo directors have one less thing to worry about and more time to focus on what really matters.

"Meeting quorum was typically not an issue for our condo, but it did require a significant amount of work from our Board and Property Management team. The GetQuorum application made the entire proxy collection process more effective and efficient. We were surprised by the number of proxies we received, especially from off-site owners.

It was interesting to see the increase in engagement with the addition of electronic communication. Any concerns that we had about the legitimacy of the proxies were addressed when the GetQuorum team explained how the platform functions within the confines of Ontario condominium law and practices.

We would definitely recommend the GetQuorum application to other managers."

-- Board of Directors, The Morgan