TORONTO, ON, January 26, 2021 – GetQuorum, a provider of electronic proxy voting and virtual AGM software services to condominiums, HOAs, corporate shareholders, associations, and regulatory bodies, announces that it has partnered with Zoom Video Communications, Inc., as part of its efforts to better serve the needs of its growing client base.

GetQuorum is working with Zoom through the Zoom ISV Partner Program. Becoming an ISV partner has allowed GetQuorum to deepen their integration with the Zoom platforms API's, which will enable them to make immediate and future enhancements to their service offerings. This represents GetQuorum's commitment to providing its clients with the best possible service through continuous growth and product development.

“The world has completely transformed with the use of video communications, and we are excited about GetQuorum’s integration of Zoom to extend happiness to their community of customers,” said Laura Padilla, Head of Global BD and Channel at Zoom. “Our ISV Partner Program was specifically designed to help accelerate and scale the innovation of companies like GetQuorum, and we are excited they chose Zoom to help power their world class platform.”

By becoming an ISV partner, GetQuorum will be able to provide its service offerings more efficiently in the immediate future. GetQuorum currently leverages the Zoom platform to offer their full-service, Hosted Virtual Annual General Meeting solution.

"For our clients, this will mean immediate improvements to the efficiency and delivery of our services," said Ben Zelikovitz, Co-Founder of GetQuorum. "Being an ISV partner will allow us to create a truly unique service offering for anyone requiring virtual AGMs."

Becoming an ISV partner with Zoom will also allow GetQuorum to further enhance their existing API integration with the Zoom platform.

"From a product perspective, the API integration with Zoom allows us to continue developing a cutting-edge, immersive experience for voters," said JJ Hiew, Co-Founder of GetQuorum.

In addition, being a Zoom ISV partner will allow GetQuorum to expand development opportunities through deepened integration and new optimization within the Zoom platform.

If you would like to learn more about GetQuorum’s solution offerings, click here.

About GetQuorum

GetQuorum helps run stress-free virtual meetings. Our full-service hosted virtual meetings, electronic proxy, voting, and notice distribution service helps clients easily achieve quorum, pass bylaws, and reduce costs. GetQuorum is perfect for condo corporations, not-for-profits, regulatory bodies, trade associations, and corporate shareholder meetings. Founded in 2015, GetQuorum is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. –