Kognitiv Corporation is a B2B technology company that enables collaborative commerce through its proprietary technology platform and performance model. Their platform enables over 200 clients worldwide to increase their yield on assets and create targeted, hyper-personalized offers that drive customer lifetime value.

The Challenge

Like many, Kognitiv Corporation had to adjust its operations given the circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and their corporate governance was no exception.

When it came time to begin planning their Annual Meeting of Shareholders, the Kognitiv team began exploring different ways they'd be able to hold their meeting so they'd get the highest participation rate possible, while still complying with government restrictions and public health guidelines related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

After reviewing their options, the Kognitiv team concluded that hosting their Annual Meeting of Shareholders virtually would be the best course of action. The team then began to look for a solution that would ensure their first-ever virtual Annual Meeting of Shareholders would be a success.

The Solution

Matt Rosen, General Counsel at Kognitiv Corporation, began his search to find a secure solution that would not only ensure their Annual Meeting of Shareholders would run smoothly, but would also improve its accessibility, increase voter participation and satisfy governance requirements. Shortly into his search, Matt discovered GetQuorum.

GetQuorum walked Matt through their virtual AGM solution and ensured that he and the rest of the Kognitiv team were comfortable with their processes and the communications that would be sent out to shareholders and guests attending the meeting.

On the product side, GetQuorum's full-service, Hosted Virtual Meeting solution met all the Kognitiv teams' requirements. GetQuorum's solution would allow Kognitiv Corporation's shareholders and special guests to attend the meeting virtually and using GetQuorum's proxy voting solution, Kognitiv Corporation would be able to collect proxies from their shareholders electronically in hopes of seeing higher voter participation.

Overall, the process was clear, and the solution met the Kognitiv team's requirements, and after providing some initial data, all that was left for Kognitiv was conduct final reviews and approvals as the GetQuorum team handled the rest.

The Result

Overall, the meeting was a success. Using GetQuorum's virtual platform, Kognitiv Corporation was able to run a smooth, efficient virtual Annual Meeting of Shareholders that complied with government restrictions and public health guidelines.

Using GetQuorum's virtual platform made Kognitiv's meeting more accessible, as shareholders and special guests from around the world were able to attend and speak at the meeting, leading to a higher turnout.

This higher turnout, paired with the use of GetQuorum's proxy system to gather votes, led to Kognitiv receiving voter participation from nearly 85% of all outstanding shares.

Looking ahead, Koginitv envisions that GetQuorum will be involved in their future Annual Shareholder Meetings, whether they're hosting a hybrid or virtual meeting format.

The ease of accessibility and participation levels experienced as a result of using GetQuorum's services is great for governance and is something they want to see continued.

If you're interested in learning more about running your next Annual General Meeting with GetQuorum, contact us today.