2022 has been an exciting year at GetQuorum, full of new learning opportunities, strategic partnerships and great successes along the way.

This was a year of innovation for GetQuorum. Our team worked vigorously to provide our clients with exciting new features and products to provide a more dynamic yet simplified experience that can accommodate the ever-evolving governance meeting space. And as a token of our hard work, we are happy to share that GetQuorum's solutions helped over 1,800 clients throughout North America hold successful governance meetings in 2022.

To recap this great year, here are some of our most notable moments and exciting breakthroughs from 2022 that we'd like to share with you:

Continuous Innovation

Our team is constantly introducing new features and improving our platforms as part of our continued dedication to adapt to our clients' ever-changing needs and providing them with the best experience possible meeting experience. As a result, we developed some exciting new products and made some notable enhancements to our platform throughout the year, including:

Exciting New Partnerships and Relationships

As the number of organizations and industries looking to adopt virtual meetings and electronic voting continues to grow, so does our client base.

That's why in addition to establishing and fostering partnerships, such as our one with Zoom, our team has worked diligently throughout the year to develop new partnerships and relationships with leaders in the industries which we serve, such as:

  • CAI Central Florida
  • CAMs TSP
  • ASAE

Entering New Markets:

As the demand for virtual meetings and electronic voting solutions continues to rise, so does the demand for our solutions. As a result, we have seen significant growth in the number of Condominium and HOA clients in Ontario and Florida; we have expanded into multiple locations, including North Carolina, Virginia and New York.  

We have also seen a notable increase in clients outside the Condominium and HOA spaces. The number of associations, non-profits, and public and private corporate clients is growing daily.

In conclusion, 2022 was a memorable year for GetQuorum. We appreciate another successful year and look forward to assisting our expanding clientele in reaching their objectives by continuing to offer them industry-leading service and cutting-edge solutions.


Ben, JJ, Trevor, and the whole GetQuorum team

Also, be sure to check out our 2022 Year in Review infographic!