The GetQuorum virtual meeting solution has helped thousands of our clients run successful Annual General Meetings (AGM) virtually. However, as we return to in-person gatherings, a growing number of our clients have begun exploring hybrid meeting formats for their upcoming AGM. Sophisticated in nature, hybrid meetings require specialized tools to streamline processes and ensure data accuracy, especially when it pertains to attendee check-in.

That's why GetQuorum is excited to announce the release of our new Registration Desk Application for hybrid and in-person meeting check-in.

How does it work?

On the day of your meeting, you can seamlessly check-in attendees through the Registration Desk by GetQuorum application via a few simple steps:

Step 1: Log into Registration Desk by GetQuorum through a compatible iOS, Android or desktop device and select your meeting.

Step 2. Click on the "Check In" button.

Step 3: Find the attendee you'd like to check in by scrolling through the attendee list or by using the search bar.

Step 4: Click the "Check In" button beside the attendee's name or unit.

Step 5: Select the name of the attendee you're checking in.

Step 6: Select whether the attendee will vote via paper ballot or Electronically us GetQuorum during your meeting, click "Check In" and you're done!

Note: Attendee check-in is tabulated in real-time and can be used on multiple devices without running the risk of duplicate entries.  

See the tool in action below:

What if an attendee submitted a proxy before the meeting?

If the attendee has submitted a proxy ballot ahead of the meeting, you will be asked to indicate whether the attendee would like to keep their proxy or revoke their ballot and vote live during the meeting when checking the attendee in.

How does this impact your meeting?

Using our meeting registration application will help streamline attendee check-in for in-person or hybrid meetings while ensuring the integrity of voting during your meeting, thereby upholding the legitimacy of results.

If you have any questions about our new Registration Desk by GetQuorum application, contact us today.