Scrutinizing and summarizing votes at a meeting will now be even easier. The latest Manager's Dashboard update adds a few quality of life improvements for customers running Electronic Proxy campaigns.

One of the benefits of using electronic proxies is that owners have the ability to give their proxy holder the authority to vote on a particular matter.  It is a fairly common choice by owners, especially when the matter involves amendments to a by-law. This flexibility allows owners, who are unsure about how to vote on a matter, to authorize a trusted individual (like a neighbor) to make the choice for them. The proxy holder attends the meeting, gathers the information, then makes the best decision armed with their newfound knowledge.

The feedback we've heard from customers is that while the flexibility is a requirement, it can sometimes prove challenging at meeting time when it comes to determining who has already voted and who has yet to vote. Managers need to figure out how many ballots to give out and to whom. And when there are proxy holders with authority to vote for other owners, it can take some time to sort out.

Well, it'll now be a breeze thanks to the latest update to the Manager's Dashboard.

If a voting matter has proxy holders with authority to vote, you'll now be able to see exactly which proxy holders have been given the authority and by how many owners.

In action: How to get details on which proxy holders have authority to vote
See it in action - how to view details on which proxy holders have authority to vote

And when you click on the "Download Summary" button, a CSV file will be generated with the breakdowns for proxy holders as well.

"Download Summary Report" show the details in Excel
"Download Summary Report" show the details in Excel

These changes are available now for all active Proxy campaigns on GetQuorum. Just log in to your dashboard and take a look.

What if I don't see the "Click for Details" option?

There are a couple of possibilities:

  1. You are running an Advanced Balloting campaign instead of a Proxy campaign. Advanced Ballots do not utilize proxies and thus there would be no proxy holders; or
  2. You're running a Proxy campaign, but no owners have given their proxy the authority to vote on the matter.

Other product updates on the horizon

We're working on the following updates for the near future:

  • Sign-in sheets for checking owners in at the time of the meeting
  • Updates to our Candidate Nomination App to make it even easier for owners to submit their candidacy and disclosures
  • Integrations with popular management software solutions to make it even easier to run campaigns with GetQuorum.

Please keep the feedback coming, as always, GetQuorum is super committed to improving our software so that manager's lives are easier come AGM time.  Click on the little chat icon in the bottom right or drop us an email to with your feedback.

Reminder: GetQuorum supports multiple forms of electronic voting including Advanced Ballots and Electronic Proxies.

If you're curious about our different types of voting campaigns and which one would be the best for your upcoming meetings, please click here to read our blog post or give us a shout by email.

Photo by Ekrulila on Unsplash