So you've set a date and plan to hold your upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) virtually. When executed correctly, a virtual AGM can be a rewarding experience for organizers and attendees alike, but you may be asking yourself, how do I get started?

To help you out, the experts at GetQuorum have created a helpful checklist to help ensure your upcoming meeting is a success!

Distribute Meeting Notices and Communicate with Members Early

Distributing meeting notices and communicating key information is the first and arguably the most important step in your virtual AGM journey. To ensure maximum participation and a seamless meeting from start to finish, you should always communicate key details about your upcoming meeting early and leverage technology to provide members with meeting notices, registration cards and other meeting materials on time.

Choose the Right Platform

As we know, a majority of organizations have unique requirements that must be accounted for during their AGMs. From needing to identify who's in attendance to accounting for proxy votes submitted by owners ahead of the meeting and varying voter eligibility, these unique factors must be accounted for when conducting an AGM. This is why selecting an electronic voting and virtual meeting platform, like the one provided by GetQuorum, that can identify individual attendees and accommodate unique voting requirements and the dynamic nature of your meeting is integral to the success of your AGM.

Establish a Meeting Action Plan

Having a detailed meeting agenda and action plan that clearly outlines everyone's role and responsibilities can make or break the success of your meeting.

A clear action plan and agenda that outlines key items such as who will be speaking and when, who is responsible for monitoring attendance and Q&A periods, and how votes be administered and tabulated not only limits the room for errors and keeps things organized but is integral to a seamless meeting experience for everyone involved.

Have your Tech in Check

Ensuring everyone is connected and has suitable tech is necessary for a smooth virtual AGM. For a seamless meeting experience, participants should:

  • Make sure their device is fully charged, working and compatible with the platform you're using before the meeting starts.
  • Test their internet connectivity (if possible, have a hard-wired connection to the internet).
  • Ensure they can access and are comfortable with the platform.
  • Have a working camera, headphones and/or microphone if presenting.

Hold a Dress Rehearsal

Before the date of your meeting, you should always hold a dress rehearsal.

Commonly overlooked and significantly underrated, dress rehearsals aren't only a great time to practice your meeting script but also an opportunity to iron out any technical difficulties and ensure everyone involved understands their role and responsibilities to ensure your meeting runs smoothly from start to finish.

Be Prepared to Resolve Technical Issues Quickly

Technical difficulties are bound to arise from time to time. However, failing to resolve these issues quickly can negatively impact the attendee experience and can be catastrophic to the success of your virtual AGM. This makes using reliable platforms and having the necessary personnel and resources readily available to solve any technical issues quickly a must for any virtual AGM.

Hold a Debrief Meeting

It's always recommended to hold a post-AGM debrief meeting. Taking the time to regroup post-AGM while everyone's memories are still fresh is a great opportunity to provide feedback, discuss what could be done differently and gain insight into how you can provide a better meeting experience the next time around.

Whether you are hosting your first or hundredth meeting, being prepared is key to your success, and we hope these tips and tricks will help you prepare for your upcoming meeting.

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