Boulevard Gardens is a housing cooperative located in Woodside, New York, USA. Managed by Douglas Elliman Property Management, the co-op is comprised of 968 units and is home to over 3,000 residents.

The Challenge

Like the majority of housing cooperatives, Boulevard Gardens conducts an Annual Meeting to update owners on key matters, hold elections, review financials, and perform other activities essential to the cooperative's operations.

After successfully conducting their past few Annual Meetings virtually, the Boulevard Gardens team decided to hold their Annual Meeting virtually once again for 2022. However, having struggled historically to achieve the majority quorum they required to hold elections, fed up with inefficient meetings and overall finding the process of running their Annual Meeting stressful, the team recognized they needed to make some adjustments this time around.

Paired with some dissatisfaction with the virtual meeting solution provider for their previous meetings, the Boulevard Gardens team decided they would explore alternative virtual meeting solutions and see if there was a more suitable solution for their upcoming meeting.

Aware of the pain points and eager to improve the Annual Meeting experience, Boulevard Gardens Property Manager, Bonnie Mutignani, began searching for a new virtual meeting solution provider for the upcoming meeting.

The Solution

Quickly into her search for a virtual meeting solution, Bonnie came across GetQuorum.

Enticed by what she saw, Bonnie was eager to learn more about their Virtual Meeting solution and decided to reach out to the GetQuorum team to learn more and see if it was suitable for their upcoming meeting. And after attending an introductory call and being walked through GetQuorum's Virtual Meeting Solution, she was impressed by what she saw.

GetQuorum's Virtual Meeting Portal provided a secure, seamless meeting experience that allowed owners to view, participate, and vote at their meeting from one central location. Owners could securely and conveniently cast ballots before and during the meeting through the GetQuorum Voting system, and the GetQuorum Paper Proxy tool would allow the Boulevard Gardens team to digitize any paper proxies submitted with ease. At the same time, GetQuorum's Voter Registration system would allow owners without an email address on file to register themselves for the upcoming Annual Meeting while simultaneously collecting email addresses and consents to electronic communications on behalf of the Boulevard Gardens team for future meetings. And while pleased with the platform's capabilities and ease of use, what truly stood out was GetQuorum's full-service approach and the expertise that their team had demonstrated throughout their encounters.

Throughout their encounters, the GetQuorum team was professional and responsive; they listened attentively and were more than happy to answer any questions to ensure the platform and process were clearly understood.

Their full-service approach also meant that GetQuorum's team of experts would be readily available to assist the Boulevard Gardens team throughout their Annual Meeting. From distributing meeting notices and collecting proxy ballots to moderating the meeting and scrutinizing electronic ballots, the GetQuorum team would relieve the group of crucial, time-consuming tasks throughout the Annual Meeting process and provide ongoing support from start to finish.

So with a clear understanding of the platform and processes, paired with ongoing support from the GetQuorum team, the stress normally associated with their Annual Meeting quickly eased, and the Boulevard Gardens team felt confident heading into their upcoming Annual General Meeting.

The Result

The Annual Meeting couldn't have gone better, with the meeting being executed seamlessly and efficiently from start to finish.

The processes were straightforward, the user-friendly platform was intuitive, and the level of administrative and technical support provided through GetQuorum's full-service approach made for a stress-free meeting.

Owner's appreciated the simplicity of submitting electronic proxy ballots and attending the meeting virtually through the GetQuorum platform, resulting in the majority quorum they needed to proceed with the meeting being achieved with relative ease. The GetQuorum Dashboard provided Bonnie and the team with access to key data, such as voting results in real-time, meaning they could announce election results during the meeting, a drastic improvement compared to the 24-hour period they had to wait when using their previous virtual meeting solution provider.

"Trust your Annuals to GetQuorum; great software, an amazing staff, at a great price.  They will get it done without all the added stress!" - Bonnie Mutignani, Property Manager, Douglas Elliman Property Management

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