Long weekend getaways, family barbeques and drinks on the patio; that's right, summer is here!

And while our team is still hard at work helping organizations across the globe with their governance meetings, we haven't forgotten the importance of having some summer fun. That's why we were ecstatic to hear that our longtime client, Val Khomenko of ICON Property Management, was planning on using the GetQuorum platform to help with registration for the Annual Summer BBQ at One Park Lane; one of ICON's luxury clients.

A time to connect with owners & residents, enjoy the sunshine and show appreciation for the team's hard work, their Annual Summer BBQ is a returning, longtime tradition in the One Park Lane community. However, it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure the event runs smoothly and is an excellent time for everyone involved.

Val and the team decided to use the GetQuorum platform's RSVP feature to streamline the registration process. The GetQuorum platform simplified the RSVP process for owners & residents while accommodating the event's unique RSVP parameters. It also allowed the team to schedule RSVP reminders to expand the outreach in the community and bring everyone together.

"Residents were appreciative of the registration process convenience. It was time to bring the funk and the groove back to One Park Lane. We needed to bring simplicity, convenience and peace of mind to the event's registration process. We wanted to bring back the strong community feel to our client. With GetQuorum, it was a guaranteed result."
-Val Khomenko, Senior Condominium Manager, ICON Property Management

It's awesome to see Val and our friends at ICON Property Management use our platform in new, creative ways to make the Annual Summer BBQ at One Park Lane a success. And whether it's for their next social event or an upcoming Annual General Meeting, we look forward to working with One Park Lane and ICON Property Management for years to come!