Earlier this year, we proudly announced that we are teaming up with Zoom through the Zoom ISV Partner Program.

For the GetQuorum team, this news is a huge accomplishment that serves as a reward for months of hard work and our dedication to continuous innovation. Teaming with Zoom has also opened new opportunities for immediate and future enhancements to our service offerings to ensure that we are providing our growing client base with the best possible service.

You now may be asking yourself, what exactly does this mean for me? Let's take a look at how teaming up with Zoom will impact GetQuorum clients.

A Better User Experience

At GetQuorum, we leverage the Zoom platform for our full-service, Hosted Virtual Meeting solution. By becoming a Zoom ISV partner, we have further enhanced our existing API integration with the Zoom platform. This has allowed us to:

  • Make immediate improvements to the efficiency and delivery of our Hosted Virtual Meeting services.
  • Provide a more immersive experience for voters using our solution.

These immediate enhancements will ensure that we are providing our clients with the best service possible.

Looking Ahead to the Future

Becoming an ISV partner also allows us to expand our development opportunities through a deepened integration with their platform.

From a product development perspective, this will allow us to optimize the Zoom platform in new, exciting ways to better serve the future needs of our growing client base; through new and enhanced solution offerings.

More detail on these enhancements and new service offerings will come at a later date.

Overall this business relationship represents our commitment to continuous growth and providing the best possible service to our growing customer base. Teaming up with Zoom through the ISV Partner Program ensures that we continue providing the very best service; in new, exciting ways to current and future customers alike.

To learn more about our recent news with Zoom, check out our press release here.

If you're interested in our services, contact us for more details.