GetQuorum hosted a Mock Virtual Annual General Meeting webinar on May 8, 2020 for approximately 500 participants. The goal of the mock AGM was to demonstrate how to conduct the most common procedures required (e.g. motions, show of hands, and voting) during a meeting. You can watch a recording of the webinar below. We would like to thank Marko Lindhe of Minutes Solutions and Edmund Leong of Tator, Rose & Leong for participating in the webinar.  The minutes of the mock AGM will be distributed to attendees directly by Minutes Solutions.

We presented a Mock Virtual AGM starting from registration through the actual meeting itself. For ease, we’ve booked marked various notable procedures during the video:

  • Housekeeping: 13:45
  • Head Table Introductions: 19:35
  • Virtual Minutes: 21:10
  • Motions (hand raises): 21:36 - 22:56, 26:15 - 27:30, 37:30 - 38:00
  • Guest speakers (Auditors): 23:00
  • Motions (polling): 30:20 - 31:46, 38:08 - 38:50
  • Q&A (text and live): 35:18 - 35:59, 38:55 - 1:15:00
  • Live Voting: 32:40-35:06, 37:03 - 37:29

Please click here to learn more about Minutes Solutions and click here to learn more about Edmund Leong of Tator Rose & Leong

As you can see, GetQuorum was inundated with questions. We're endeavour to post another blog article answering the key questions that were asked of us during the meeting. Please be patient as we’re working as quickly as possible to answer all 150+ questions.

You can read more about our Hosted Virtual AGM Services here.