Bylaw and Declaration Amendments Made Easier

Manage the bylaw voting and declaration amendment consent processes with ease and efficiency.

Owners are 200-400% more likely to vote on a bylaw or submit their consents when using GetQuorum. You can change your community for the better using GetQuorum.

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What's Included

Owner Engagement Campaigns

A customized email campaign will educate owners on the matter at hand and encourage them to participate.

Notice Distribution

We handle the distribution of required bylaw or declaration amendment materials to owners.

Electronic Consent, Vote and Proxy

Owners easily submit their bylaw vote, proxy or declaration amendment consent online using any web-enabled device.

Safe, Secure, Real Time Results

Monitor, track and download all results in real time with the Property Manager Dashboard.

GetQuorum is a full-service solution at a simple, flat pricing. Simply provide us with the bylaw or declaration amendment notice materials and owner service registry and we will take care of everything else.

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Banning Short-term Rentals with a Declaration Amendment

After some incidents with AirBnB rental tenants, a North Toronto condominium banned short-term rentals after successfully amending their declaration with help from GetQuorum.

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Marilyn Monroe Towers - Standard Unit Bylaw

This condominium in Missisauga, Ontario had been trying to pass their Standard Unit Bylaw for two year. Not only did GetQuorum help them pass their bylaw, we also helped them reach quorum at the AGM for the first time in six years.

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Video: Amending a Condominum's Declaration

GetQuorum hosted Breakfast & Learn event on Declaration Amendments at the Ryerson DMZ. We were joined by Audrey Loeb, Partner at Shibley Righton LLP and approximately 100 of our closest friends and clients. Audrey discusses the process, best practices to consider and the various types of declaration amendments she has experienced.

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Change your community for the better.

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