Our Features

Virtual Meeting Platform

Enterprise Webinar Technology
HD Video and/or audio for thousands of virtual attendees.
Real-time voting
Allow attendees to vote in real-time using our secure online platform.
Electronic Vote Scrutinization
A virtual scrutineer at your meeting to report on the results of votes collected electronically.
Advanced Presenter Controls
Allow one or more speakers to present from their computers.
Audience Engagement
Extensive audience participation controls with virtual hand-raising, chatbox Q&A, and live polling.
Live Meeting Moderation
Full administration, support and moderation provided by a GetQuorum host throughout your virtual meeting.
Attendee Registration
Meeting participants are verified prior to entry into Virtual Meetings.

Electronic Proxy, Voting and RSVP

Electronic Proxy Voting
Flawless, paperless, completion of standardized (e.g. Ontario) or customized Proxy forms.
Electronic Advanced Voting (Ballots)
Support for advanced voting or balloting.
Weighted Voting
Customizable voting options to allow certain votes to have different weights.
Ranked Elections
Allow owners to rank their candidates by priority.
Declaration Amendment Consents
Simple, paperless, completion of customized consent forms.
Email Reminder Campaigns
Templated or customized email reminders prompt owners to submit their proxy or vote.
Real Time Tabulation
Quickly determine how many proxies, votes and e-consents have been received with options to export and download the results.
Bylaw Voting
Pass critical bylaws to make your community a better place.
Owner Verification
Security features identify and validate owner identity to prevent fraud and voter abuse.
RSVP to Meetings
Owners can RSVP online, so you'll have a good idea of how many people will be in attendance.
Online Candidate Nominations
Potential candidates can now easily submit their nomination and disclosure documents online in a just few simple steps. Learn more.

Meeting, Budget and Other Governance Notice Distribution

Email Consent Gathering
Avoid the added expense of printing and mailing notices, our 2-click e-consent process reduces printing costs by an average of 60% and is included as part of all of our services.
Electronic Preliminary Notice Distribution
All Owners receive Preliminary Notice of Meeting electronically in accordance with applicable provincial or state legislation.
Electronic Meeting Notice Package Distribution
All Owner’s receive AGM meeting packages electronically in accordance with applicable provincial or state legislation.
Printing and Mailing
Not all Owners will e-consent, we can handle printing and mailing hardcopies of notices to non-consenting owners, our only optional and additional cost.
Data Merging
Let us handle the hardest part, we merge your data for you.
Tracking Analytics
Determine which owners and shareholders are in attendance, how many votes have been received and more in real-time, with options to securely export and download the results.
Poll your owners to gauge support for proposed changes to your community.
Rule Distributions
Communicate changes in the governance of your community and reduce printing costs on the process.
Affidavit of Service
Confirmation of notice distribution for owners served electronically and via traditional mail.


Ontario Condo Act Compliant
Our service is fully compliant with the Ontario Condo Act.
British Columbia Strata Act Compliant
Our service is fully compliant with the British Columbia Strata Act.
Florida Condo Act and Homeowners Association Act
Our service is fully compliant with applicable legislation in the state of Florida.
Other Jurisdictions
Our service may be compliant in Alabama, Alberta, Arizona, California, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia.


Token-based Voter Authentication
Voters are provided with secure encrypted links with tokens to vote thus ensuring that only authorized voters are able to vote.
Security and Encryption
All links are SSL encrypted and all our data are encrypted using AES-256.
IP Address Tracking
Proprietary security features uniquely identify and validate owner identity to prevent fraud and voter abuse.
Owner Verification
Ensures that only authorized voters are able to vote.

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