GetQuorum Partner Program

Provide your clients with industry-leading solutions designed to help them run successful virtual and hybrid meetings through the GetQuorum Partner Program.

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What's the GetQuorum Partner Program?

Get access to the tools and resources you need to provide your clients with a full-service hosted meeting solution. Our all-in-one platform and success-proven processes make running governance meetings a breeze.

Access to our Innovative Platform and Processes

The GetQuorum Partner Program provides you with the tools and expertise you need to provide your clients with a full-service solution to Annual General Meetings.

Meeting Moderation Training

Receive the comprehensive, hands-on Virtual Meeting (VM) Host training you need to moderate virtual meetings successfully. Our phased approach to VM Host training means that you get the support you need throughout your moderator training.

Administrative Support

Our team provides full administrative support throughout key, labour-intensive areas of the virtual meeting process. This includes notice distribution, post-meeting reporting and more.

Technical Support from our Team of Experts

From Partner Program onboarding to on-call, live voting and technical support, our team is ready to provide you with the support you need to provide your clients with the best possible experience.

Increase Revenue

Create new business opportunities amongst new and existing clients by quickly offering a state-of-the-art Virtual Annual General Meeting service.

Create more value for your clients

Better serve your clients and add value to your relationships by providing your clients with service offerings designed for their unique needs.

Modernize your clients

Help your clients keep up with industry trends and aid them through their digital transformation.

How this law firm increased it's revenue by offering a virtual meeting service through GetQuorum

Learn how Common Ground Condo Law is able to provide clients with a full-service, hosted virtual meeting solution through the GetQuorum Partner Program.

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